Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well it's always worth a try

In a world with new countries appearing left right and centre, a world with people starting cults, a world where art and geurilla warfare are the same thing, a world where the whole world fits inside a pc, where freedom isn't as widespread as it seems.

In this world, anything is possible, so I now have a donation link on the left, it uses paypal (which is what ebay use) so is secure.

so if you happen to be a millionaire, or just fancy being nice, feel free to donate to the continued bloggings of rob and his girlfriend, and help us pay off our debts :)

I always wondered what would happen if I had one of these, and someone really wealthy stumbled across the site and thought, "what the hell" heheh, well now's my chance :)

I'll keep you all up to date, and if someone makes me rich I'll throw a party and invite all donatees to come along ;)